Shenzhen viya engineering plastics co., LTD was established in May 2006, the company is committed to in the field of high-performance engineering plastics research and development, production and sales, now has the industrial (Hong Kong) co., LTD, shenzhen viya engineering plastics co., LTD. Kunshan branch, December 2008, agent blonde technology co., LTD., special high temperature plastic, plastic department since 2014 sol agent victor polymer film and Ajedium project.

Advanced production base was built in 2012, with independent research and development team and business team, engaged in high temperature material modification, dyeing and processing business, and in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), cameras industry on research and development and cooperate with a batch of well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The company s service industry covers the industry of notebook, mobile phone, electric appliance, automobile, sports equipment, electric tools, bathroom products and so on.
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